Why SeekingNorth?

Why SeekingNorth?

To some, the choice of the name is intuitive. Others, who have apparently never been disoriented and sought safe passage, occasionally ask, “Why the name SeekingNorth?”

You might be in the wilderness, on a ski slope or at sea. You might use the stars, the sun, a compass, or a global-positioning device. But the first question you’ll probably ask when seeking direction is, “Which way is north?”

Navigation by the stars is an ancient knowledge. Mariners have used celestial navigation for thousands of years. Finding the North Star is a basic skill for all wilderness travelers and seafarers.

All points on a compass are measured relative to north. North is both zero and 360 degrees — the Alpha and Omega of the instrument. From north to east to south to west, and then back to north, the circle of the compass rose is complete. Northwest is not measured as 45 degrees to the left of center, but 315 degrees to the right of north.

In the financial area, families should seek direction relative to a fixed point as they plan wealth transfers over multiple generations. That point may be where they are at the beginning of the process. In many cases, they have only the faintest idea where they are and require help making that determination. As a starting point, they should seek north and then plot their course.

SeekingNorth, then, seems an appropriate way to describe this process.