Hello. I’m Ronnie McClure. Welcome to SeekingNorth.

I have worked in the family, estate, corporate, partnership, and non-profit sectors of tax law for more than 30 years, trying to be the consummate technician. My specialties have been in family, estate, charitable-gift, financial, and tax planning.

When my own family fell apart as a result of poor choices, inappropriate behavior, stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, psychological issues, and divorce, I realized too late that the most important things in this life are spiritual and personal relationships. Capitalizing on my professional and personal experiences, I have now refocused my practice to facilitate healing in client family relationships, particularly in the area of planning the transfer of family wealth from one generation to another.

With graduate degrees in accounting, taxation, and family counseling, I founded SeekingNorth, LLC, to combine my rich technical background with my skills as a mediator and family counselor to provide relationship-based, trans-generational wealth-transfer consultation to high-net-worth families. My objective is not to transform wealth, but to transform the process by which a family makes wealth-transfer decisions.

Definitions are important. I define “wealth” to include things such as values, principles, traditions, heritage, knowledge, and reputation as well as money, businesses, toys, and other stuff. “Transformation” is not just a simple change to fix a current issue, but to fundamentally change the patterns of intra- and inter-family communication and decision-making. This involves an understanding of a family’s structure over multiple generations, including grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren.

My expertise is available to high-net-worth families to help them overcome the emotional, psychological and communications issues that hinder passing family wealth, including family businesses, across multi-generational boundaries. I’d love to discuss how I can help you and your family.